Howdy? You've found or (and maybe a few others, like or MorningWood is a smithing, sales, and repair shop, I also sell bulk ammunition. Not much on this page, but that does not mean that it will always be as underwhelming. At any rate, my primary contact info is as follows:, telephone: 512.237.3434 which is a old-school phone land-line(aka, POTS = plan old telephone service) (yep, i'm like the only person in the world without a cellphone. But if you are “untethered” like I am, let me know so we can form a union of introverts/nonsocial and apathetic Luddites (if you don't know what a Luddite is you may want to it. Very interesting event that happened in Britain. It's a story of people that really wanted to keep doing menial jobs, and or, they were worried that “machines” would replace them all together) folks that don't meet, and don't care that they don't meet.)
The obligatory picture of a firearm, so you know that I like them.